Cleaning and canning and other good things

Friday, May 3, 2013

Very favorite activity this morning? Going item by item through Crate & Barrel's "Clean Slate" line of utility products ("utility made beautiful," as the Website says). I had the best time. I found a fabulous fly-swatter. Some bins and hooks and mats. A much-desirable upholstery brush that gets pet hair off furniture and clothing. And oh, the wool dryer balls. I read about Friedrick Redecker, who learned the art of brush-making at his school for the blind. In 1934 he started his own company, now run by his sons. The Redecker brushes (seen in the photo above) were particularly exciting to me (including that fly-swatter I told you about). While I was at it, I checked out Williams Sonoma Agrarian. I am definitely not in the market for a chicken coop, and I'm never going to be a beekeeper, but it was fun to look and to think of other people canning and preserving and gathering eggs.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

(Photo from Crate & Barrel Clean Slate)


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