Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's funny about money, and it's funny what you remember. I remember my father's comment long ago that my mother had a very hard time spending small amounts of money but a much easier time with large sums.

I'm the opposite. I can spend and spend, as long as the amounts are very small. I've even been known to buy only one of something when I really needed two, only to come back the next day (or a few hours later) to buy the second. And if I buy a few things at one grocery story, a few more at another, and go to a third for the last items on my list, then I feel OK. I've only spent a little in each place.

All of this to say that large purchases are hard for me. Even when those purchases are important. Like a new mattress for a boy who's been sleeping on his aunt's hand-me-down since he moved from his crib to a bed nine years ago.

So, no more new socks for me for a little while; fewer chewy sticks for the dog; a moratorium on leggings for one daughter; and not as many peppermint hot chocolates from Starbucks for the other. Only a new mattress for this boy. It's time for me to become more like my mother.


  1. Oh sweet boy....hope he is still using his Auntie's bed frame and if she could she would ship him a mattress from CO in a heartbeat. Glad his mom is going to take care of that...the picture you posted would melt anyone's heart, especially and Auntie.


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