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Friday, March 29, 2013

Earlier this week we went to our friends' home for a Seder dinner, which was the first Seder experience for my children. They had no idea what to expect but liked all of it: dipping bitter herbs into salt water, drinking grape juice in place of wine, learning the symbolism of the various foods on the Seder plate, and listening to the Passover story. It didn't hurt that our friends are funny and relaxed and very good cooks. I'm hoping that learning a new custom might mean that they'll be open-minded when I tell them my idea for decorating eggs tomorrow. Though Easter egg decorating in my house has always meant smelly vinegar and dye, I loved the eggs I saw on See Jane Blog, which were made using Sharpies. Sharpies can be a little smelly, too, but aren't these eggs pretty? I'm pretty sure tradition will win out and I'll be pulling out the vinegar, but it can't hurt to try. I also love the Easter tree my sister made this year, shown above. Very fancy and fun. Have a happy Easter if you're celebrating, and happy Passover, too.

(Top image: Elizabeth Bear; Bottom image: See Jane Blog)


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