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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's New York Fashion Week, but I'm thinking less about couture and more about skinny jeans. I may be among the very last to get on board the skinny-jeans bandwagon. I've always believed that skinny jeans are for true skinnies. Love them, just not on me. Until...

Two events took place one after the other. The first was reading an essay by fashion photographer and blogger Garance Dore on, yes, skinny jeans. In it, she swore they are the most comfortable, most flattering type of jeans out there. She said she won't wear anything else.

The next was my walk through a store where I came across a pair of skinny jeans on sale for a price that made it impossible not to stop. To at least think about it. I figured I would take them home, try them on, and bring them back. I'd return to my straight-but-not-too-straight jeans. But then something happened. The jeans fit, they were comfortable, and while they may not be transforming, I think they look OK. Best of all, when I put on my boots, they slip right in, no tucking or scrunching required. I love that. So now I'm hoping this still-going skinny-jeans trend will hang on, just a little bit longer.

(Photo by The Sartorialist for Tiffany & Co. "True Love in Pictures" Project)


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