Pink hydrangea

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My plan was to run quickly in and out of Whole Foods late yesterday afternoon. I was getting some chicken for dinner, but it took me almost 15 minutes to get through the flower section at the front of the store. There, just past the roses and tulips, were dozens of beautiful hot-pink hydrangeas. It almost startled me to see them there. They seemed so out of place and of a different time (summer). I started chatting with a woman standing next to me, who already had put one of the hydrangeas in her cart. She told me she would try to keep it alive through winter and replant it once the ground thaws. She reminded me that the soil determines its color, so it might not end up being the same fabulous pink. No matter. I was just happy to be talking about it. I put one in my cart, too, and followed my new gardener friend into the store.


  1. Beautiful! I'm not sure I have ever seen this color hydrangea. What fun and so appropriate for Valentine's week.


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