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Friday, February 1, 2013

I've been thinking about chalkboards, and specifically the chalkboard we have in our kitchen. It's not new, it's certainly not unique, and it's so very low-tech. But that's why I've been thinking about it. There has been a lot of talk at my children's elementary school about putting iPads in the classroom, the interactive "Smartboards" that are already there, and the future of technology in general. I'm as dependent as anyone on my phone, our iPad, my laptop, etc., etc. But I do love my chalkboard.

When we renovated our kitchen, someone had the idea of putting chalkboard panels in the pantry door. I had visions of children entertaining themselves for hours. And though they will draw something on there every once in awhile, I'm the one who uses it. All the time. Whatever I would write on a little piece of paper, I write on the chalkboard. There's no better feeling than wiping an item off a list with a damp paper towel (though I also like the look of smudgy chalkboards). And if someone (i.e. child) asks me to do something, go somewhere, or pick something up, it has to go on the chalkboard or good chance it will never happen. Not in this house.

Happy weekend.

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