Oh, those Housewives

Monday, February 18, 2013

I'd like to think that everyone has at least a few guilty pleasures, and one of mine is most definitely "The Housewives of Beverly Hills." I tape it each week so I can watch in secret. I mute it immediately if my husband walks by or my daughter comes in. Truthfully, I'm embarrassed. At the same time, I can't not watch. I find these women endlessly entertaining. I don't love it when they shout and hurl accusations at each other, but neither do I turn off the TV. So what's to like? I love the closets, the dressing rooms, the pools, and the kitchens, of course. But I also like that, despite the outward fabulousness of their lives, they feel stressed, they get their feelings hurt, and they act goofy. And that's the best part of all: Many of these women are simply funny. They make me laugh out loud every single week. And I shouldn't be ashamed of that.

Photo by Bravotv.com


  1. I'm not sure your secret is a secret anymore...

  2. I'm with you when I watch The Bachelor. My guilty pleasure:-)


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